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British Obesity Society

The British Obesity Society is a UK wide organisation that aims to bring together health care professionals, industry partners, and everyone affected by obesity in the UK.

We want to change attitudes towards obesity; how its managed, how we can prevent it, and how society responds. These are big challenges. We’d like to encourage a degree of activism among people living with obesity.

Our organisation is completely democratic, and we are striving hard to be as inclusive as possible. We want to represent and help develop professionals working in the field, but at the same time we would like people affected by obesity to have their voices heard too and contribute to the development of strategy and the wider debate.

We are also working hard to maintain an independent point of view, one that is just informed by available evidence. If the evidence isn’t there we plan to help gather it, and will be looking to our membership to help.

We want to be much more than a talking shop, we believe in action, and want to be able to demonstrate that we’ve had an impact. Visit The British Obesity Society